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Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS Trailer + Translation

Waaah, Kingdom Hearts 3D looks so awesome! Just saw the cool, new trailer from Tokyo Game Show (happening right now in Japan). I love that Sora and Riku appear to be dual protagonists this time, and I love the chemistry Sora has with tsun-tsun Neku Sakuraba (of the awesme Square-Enix DS game The World Ends With You). This makes Neku the first non-Final Fantasy SE character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, doesn't it? :D He fits right in, though, huh? LOL.

So here's the gorgeous trailer:

And here's my quick translation:

Merlin:  We shall now commence the Master Affirmation Tests of Sora and Riku.
Sora:  Even without a thing like that, I won't lose to anyone!
Riku:  Whether I, who walked the path of darkness, am fit to use a keyblade… I believe that must be ascertained.
Sora:  Riku…
Merlin:  He who releases the keyhole of slumber and returns to this land shall be affirmed as Master.
Sora:  Huh? Where am I? My clothes changed! More importantly, where's Riku? Heeeey! Rikuuuuuu!
Neku:  So noisy…
Sora:  Huh?  
Neku:  What an awful noise. 
Whoa! Ugh…
Neku:  …You're Sora.
Merlin:  Instead of the Heartless, who made up a large part of the world's darkness, Darkness has always existed in the Slumbering World. They are called Dream Eaters, monsters that devour dreams. 
Merlin:  Defeating the Dream Eaters will lead you to the keyhole.
Neku:  This is a game. A time limit is placed on all participants. It's a game I absolutely must win.
Sora:  I don't really get this game. But shall I help you out?
Riku:  Quasimodo. Where did the monster go?
Quasimodo:  Up to the roof of the cathedral.
Riku:  Got it!
Quasimodo:  I...I'll fight too!
Sora:  That's right, I didn't catch your name.
Neku:  Dream Eater!
Sora:  Weird name.
Neku:  Uh, no, I meant that thing.
Merlin:  By unlocking the keyhole of slumber, he will gain a new power and also release the slumbering world.
Neku:  It's Neku. Neku Sakuraba. …My name.
Sora:  Neku… Sakuraba. Pretty interesting name!
Neku:  It's totally not.

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