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"NOW HERE" Translation

AT LAST~~~ the translation is complete!! ...Okay, that's a bit inaccurate-- there are a few scenes where the technical terms are going to take some more time/research on my part before I can do a line-by-line translation of them, but I can understand enough to give you the gist of what's happening in those scenes.

For the rest of it, I've given you a line-by-line translation. I've also included little narrative notes for those who do not have the drama to listen to (because the actors are SO amazing in this and the way they interpret a line adds so much meaning beyond the words). If you have the drama track, though, please listen to it as you read through-- that's what I was doing as I was translating, so the characters' tone and pauses are taken into account in this translation.


Forgive me for the parts that are detailed summaries rather than line-by-line translations, but I'll try to work on those parts during Spring Break... after my senior paper... =__=





Soukyuu no Fafner Drama 2

Translated by DarkCyradis



Ishii Makoto as Makabe Kazuki

Kiyasu Kouhei as Minashiro Soushi

Matsumoto Marika as Toomi Maya

Nakanishi Takami as Minashiro Tsubaki


Scene 1


[Soushi’s phone rings]


Soushi: Hello.


Kazuki: Soushi. It’s me.


S: Kazuki? (soft chuckle) What is it? Planning on leaving the island again?


K: You… you’re not still mad about that, are you?


S: I’m just trying to pre-empt what the pilots are thinking.


K: I’m telling you I’m not even considering it. You should know that from being inside the System, right?


S: If I could understand everything just from what I learned in the [Siegfried] System, there wouldn’t be any problems, would there?


K: I… guess you’re right.


S: So? What’s on your mind?


K: About today’s trial…


S: It wasn’t so much a trial as a committee inquiry concerning Toomi Maya’s pilot aptitude data. As you know, there were no suspects, however [??? Gak, sorry, technical data that I’ll have to look up… later… ^^;]


K: Is Toomi… going to be fighting?


S: Depending on how she does in training, it’s possible.


K: Soushi, can’t you exclude Toomi from battle?


S: What?


K: Not just Toomi—everyone. Sakura, Kenji, and Mamoru, too.


S: So you’re saying you’ll fight alone? Do you realize how ridiculous that is?


K: If I’ve got the Mark Sein, it wouldn’t be impossible. And if I did end up getting hurt, I don’t mind if you spread rumors like the ones about Shouko. So, please!


S: [stunned] You… you knew? That I…?


K: I heard about it from Toomi. She told me that you really did take Shouko’s and Kouyou’s battles to heart. Please, Soushi, I’ll fight! So don’t bring any more people into this battle.


S: [pause] You wouldn’t find that horrible? To be fighting alone?


K: [affectionate] Whenever I’m fighting, you’re with me, inside the System. So I don’t have anything to fear.


S: [exasperated/amused] Do you consider me a god or something?


K: [laughing] Something like that, huh?


S: But seriously, don’t think of me as almighty. I can’t live up to that kind of responsibility.


K: …Please, though… Don’t make Toomi pilot. There’s no one I can ask but you, Soushi!


S: I can’t promise anything… But, I’ll do what I can.


K: Thank you, Soushi. [hangs up the phone]



Scene 2


[Kazuki’s phone rings]


Kazuki: Hello, this is Makabe.


Maya: Kazuki-kun, this is Toomi. I just wanted to thank you for what you did at the trial today.


K: Oh, it was nothing. I just did what Soushi told me to do.


M: No, you all really saved us. And also, now that I’ve become a pilot, I wanted to say yoroshiku onegaishimasu.* I’ve been calling everyone to tell them that.


K: Calling everyone…? You mean… you’re not afraid, now that you’ve become a pilot?


M: There’s plenty I’m afraid of. I… haven’t told anyone else before, but I was even afraid of riding the Burnsbeck. I still can’t stop thinking that it’s so strange to have something like that on the island. I keep thinking that the world we knew before, without things like that, is what’s real, and everything happening now is what’s weird. And I’m afraid that, thinking all this, I’ll start to change, too.


[Note: The Burnsbeck, or however you spell it, is the tram/shuttle thing that takes Fafner pilots to Cage Island, where the Fafners are housed. The thing Kuramae died in in ep 1.]


K: That’s fine, Toomi! So you don’t have to—


M: No. I want to fight like Shouko did, too.


K: [horrified] Fight…like Shouko…?


M: Believing that I’d be able to do that, the first time I rode the Burnsbeck, my fear went away. Thank you, Kazuki-kun, for protecting my family. From now on, I’ll fight, too.


K: [sputtering] But that’s… Why… Why do you have to fight?


M: I’ll fight so that Mother and Onee-chan and everyone else can live without being attacked.


K: All that… Are you saying that you’re going to pilot a Fafner for your family’s sake?


M: Yes. Who… is it that you pilot for, Kazuki-kun?


K: I—[pause] …don’t pilot for anyone’s sake. In the end, it’s really just for myself. Probably.


M: Because that’s what important to you, Kazuki-kun. …Um, I’m sorry, but I’ve still got to call everyone else. I wanted to thank everyone before today’s over, so…


K: Oh, right.


M: Thank you. We’ll continue talking tomorrow, okay? [hangs up phone]



~Okay, there’s a lot of technical talk in the next few scenes (basically, anytime Soushi appears), so because I’m running out of time, I’ll do some detailed summarizing… must do homework… @_@~


Scene 3


Soushi calls Kazuki again. He’s got some bad news—it looks like Maya’s moving steadily towards getting to be a pilot! Kazuki freaks out, Soushi tells him to calm down and admits that he’d prefer to keep Maya out of battle as well (so he’s not giving up). Kazuki is surprised by this, so Soushi explains that Maya’s uncanny ability to observe and understand people—see through all their pretenses— makes her a bit of a bane to battle. For instance, if someone is fighting along, suppressing their fear and thinking they’re all right, Maya would see through that instantly and tell them that they’re actually full of fear. What would be the result? “Instant panic,” Soushi says.


Kazuki wonders if Maya would really throw everyone into confusion, and Soushi says it’s a possiblity, at least. Next, Soushi tells Kazuki about Maya’s personality metamorphosis test (you know how everyone except Kazuki changes personalities a bit when they pilot Fafner?).


“She’s like ice,” is Soushi’s reply. “She’s as composed as a machine, without a shred of compassion.”


A stunned Kazuki sputters, “I-it’s just the personality metamorphosis, right?” And Soushi agrees, saying though, that Maya is certain to go into that icy personality in battle—a form of panic suppression that Soushi cannot understand.


Kazuki brings up what Maya said earlier about how she can make herself not afraid if she thinks that she can “fight like Shouko,” which to both boys means “fight and sacrifice yourself.” Soushi freaks out along with Kazuki about this, and they decide to use Kazuki’s hearsay testimony as a grounds for removing Maya from battle. Soushi warns that if this fails, there is likely nothing else he can do, but Kazuki has an idea. If there’s one person whose word will overrule everyone else’s, it’s Minashiro Tsubaki, so he begs Soushi to let him talk to Tsubaki and ask her to take everyone except him out of battle. Soushi tells him that Tsubaki can hear their conversation even now, so Kazuki starts calling out to her, asking her to take everyone else out of battle because he doesn’t want anyone else to die. Soushi tells him to calm down, saying that Tsubaki must remain impartial, as the island’s core, and wouldn’t cut into people’s daily life by doing things like interrupting in the middle of telephone calls.


Still very desperate, Kazuki asks Soushi how he can talk to her. After a long pause, Soushi gives in and says he’ll ask her for him, but warns that she may choose not to interfere with this. Appeased, Kazuki tells him it’s all right, and somewhat apologetically says that he’s just being selfish/childish. Soushi says it’s all right and promises to do what he can (he’s being so nice ^^). He says that he, too, doesn’t want to see another inexperienced pilot get sacrificed, and hangs up.



Scene 4


Soushi calls Maya. Her polite tone turns darker instantly when she realizes who it is and says she was just thinking about calling him.


“You’ve been saying bad things about me, haven’t you? Just like with Shouko,” she says to a very surprised Soushi. He asks if she means about his evaluation of her as a pilot and says that he was only making his report based on the evidence/data. “I absolutely wasn’t trying to spread groundless rumors about you!” he insists. He asks who on earth gave Maya that sort of confidential information.


“My sister,” Maya says icily. “Minashiro-kun, you wrote that I shouldn’t be made a pilot, didn’t you? I know you hate me.”


“I don’t hate you.”


“It doesn’t matter to me, I’m used to it. Sakura hated me before, too.” (wow, that is Maya at her bluntest and coldest…!)


S: “Why would Sakura…?”


M: “I don’t know.”


Anyway, Maya continues on, saying that her sister told her how Soushi was very bluntly saying that Maya should not be a pilot and wrote that in his official evaluation as well. A flustered Soushi tries to cut in and say that he was only calling today to ask if she wanted to talk about anything troubling her from the earlier battles. She cuts him off and asks why he is trying to scare her into staying out of battle. Unfortunately, this is rather what Soushi had in mind, and he hesitates for just a split second before asking, a bit too subdued, “Wh… why do you think that?”


M: “I knew it.” (this is SUCH a great line from Matsumoto Marika!! <3 Ohh, the coldness~)


Soushi changes the subject, saying, in a rather kind way, that Sakura never hated her, but was likely just afraid. Calmed a bit, Maya asks again why Soushi doesn’t want her to pilot.


S: “Your memories of Hazama Shouko are too strong,” he says. “You told Kazuki you wanted to fight like her, didn’t you? You should already know that the method she chose to fight was…”


To which a rather upset Maya replies, “Both you and Kazuki-kun completely misunderstood her... Cruelly misunderstood her.”


S: “What?”


M: “You think Shouko wanted to die, so she chose to die in that way. It’s not that at all! She decided she wanted to live!  To live like all of us—with us! How could you not understand that?!”


S: “Then… you…?”


M: “I won’t die. I absolutely won’t. Because if I died that easily, I would never be able to excuse myself to Shouko. If it hadn’t been for my sister and everyone, I may have been made to fight before Shouko, and I may have been the one who’d died instead of her!”


S: “Is that why you want to fight? To erase that sin?”


M: “Maybe… but that isn’t the most important reason.”


S: “Most important reason? What is it?”


M: “I can’t think it.”


S: “What?”


After a frustrated pause, Maya cries, “ …That I’m afraid to fight!” and slams the phone down.


(oops, ended up translating line by line again… but that was such a good part…! ^^ Okay, onto the next part…)


Scene 5


A few minutes after that tumultuous conversation, Soushi’s phone is ringing again. He picks it up quickly, expecting it to be Maya (he says “hello” more politely than usual). Instead, it is none other than Tsubaki! She tells him that Maya is trying to call Kazuki right now, but because Kazuki is at Alvis, she won’t be able to reach him.


“It’s too bad, but it’s important that Maya calms down now,” Tsubaki says.


Soushi asks why she’s cutting into people’s phone conversations, and she says she’d only do it to Soushi, no one else. ^__~ And now, here’re the famous “give Kazuki up, Soushi” lines:


“Leave it to Maya and Kazuki, Soushi,” Tsubaki says. “There’s already an ‘answer’ for them; they’ve just go to choose it now.”


“Answer…?” Soushi whispers. He digests the words painfully and after a very long pause, he asks in a subdued tone, “Have I… been interfereing too much with them? Maybe I should give up what’s in my heart…”


“You’re afraid that Kazuki may leave the island again someday, aren’t you, Soushi?”


“That’s why I’m… trying to do what Kazuki wants me to do… is that it, Tsubaki?” he asks, as though realizing something.


“It looks like your heart’s made a bit of progress, Soushi,” Tsubaki agrees. “Kazuki is just happy to see that you're trying to understand him. But the 'answer' lies elsewhere. That’s all it is, Soushi,” she says, and hangs up, leaving poor Soushi, who doesn’t have the greatest self-confidence when it comes to interpersonal relationships, alone with his growing doubts about himself and how Kazuki feels about him.



Scene 6


Maya calls Kazuki again, and this time, Kazuki’s really in for it!


M: “It was you, wasn’t it?” she says, right off the bat. “It was you who told Minashiro-kun that I shouldn’t be a pilot, wasn’t it?”


K: “That was—”


M: “Would you rather… that I wasn’t here?”


K: “No! That’s not it! I just… don’t want you to fight. Not you, or anyone else.”


Maya cuts in, with a steely voice that I’m sure Kazuki has never heard from her before. “Shouko and Kasugai-kun didn’t want to fight, you know.”


K: Then why are you going to fight?


M: For the same reason you are! Because we have to! There’ll be countless reasons afterwards, won’t there? We can’t stop now because there are things that important to us!


K: “That important?” Well, what’s that important? Why are you fighting without even a solid reason?


M: Kazuki-kun. Would you be okay if there was no one else with you?


K: Yes. With that mecha, I should be fine even if I’m on my own.


M: Even without Minashiro-kun?


K: Soushi…? No, I—


M: See? I’m right, aren’t I? It’s the same for me!


K: The same? What do you mean?! (notice that he got a bit upset when it sounded like Maya was saying she felt the same way for Soushi? Haha, not that Maya would ever, she and Soushi *so* don’t get along… ^^)


M: That I’m not alone! That I have you, and Minashiro-kun! That I have Sakura, Kondo-kun, and Kodate-kun, too! If I was alone, I would be so afraid I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I don’t want to live alone in a place where there isn’t anyone else. It’s the same for you, isn’t it, Kazuki-kun? The only reason you left the island was so that you could understand more about Minashiro-kun, wasn’t it?


K: You said… there was something important to you…


M: More than a reason to fight, it’s a reason why I can fight. It’s because everyone is here that I can fight. There isn’t anything more important than that to me. …Let me be here.


K: I just… don’t want anyone to be in danger.


M: That’s how I feel, too. That’s how everyone feels for everyone else.


K: Everyone does?


M: Apologize to Shouko. She decided that she wanted to be here herself, didn’t she?


K: I’m sorry.


M: Isn’t all of this perfectly obvious? Why couldn’t you just understand…?


She hangs up on a stunned Kazuki.



Scene 7


[Kazuki’s phone rings again; he picks it up immediately, thinking it is Maya… who seems to be hanging up angrily on a lot of people today…]


Kazuki: Yes, this is Makabe!


Tsubaki: Good evening, Kazuki~


K: You…you’re…!


T: Actually, I shouldn’t be doing this… Let’s keep this a secret from Soushi, okay? ^_~


K: O-okay…


T: I heard there was something you wanted to ask of me.


K: That was—no… I didn’t understand before, but... You heard my conversation with Toomi just now, right?


T: Well… that’s a bit awkward a question to ask me.


K: Ah, I’m sorry! …I’ve always wondered to myself, why it is that I fight. I never stopped to think about why I was able to fight. Toomi put the idea in my head, and I…


T: It’s because it’s the answer closest to us, we have trouble seeing it for ourselves. But now you can see what yours is, right?


K: Yeah. I think so.


T: That’s good. Looks like you don’t need me for anything more, right?


K: Probably. …Well, I wouldn’t want to keep bothering you.


T: Oh, it’s no bother! I’m happy that I got the chance to talk with you like this. ^^ Thanks for calling me, Kazuki. But we won’t be able to do this a second time. I’m sorry, Kazuki.


K: Oh, no. I should be the one apologizing. Thank you.


T: You’re really close with everyone, aren’t you, Kazuki?


[hangs up phone]



Scene 8


[Soushi’s phone rings]


S: Hello, this is Minashiro.


M: It’s Toomi.


S: [nervous] Wh-what is it? You’ve already spoken with Kazuki?


M: Yes. I…said a bit too much… Could you tell Kazuki-kun that I’m sorry?


S: Why me?


M: I can ask you, can’t I, Minashiro-kun? Because it’s you? …Say, can I ask you just one thing?


S: There are questions I can answer and questions I can’t answer.


M: It’s fine if you don’t answer me. Just, please, listen. It’s about Kazuki-kun’s pilot aptitude data… if you’d been able to, would you have changed it like mine was changed?


S: [a little too forceful] Th-that’s ridiculous! Do you think I could answer a question like that?!


M: …I thought so. (with a bit of a smile in her voice) Thank you.


S: “Thank you?” What are you saying?


M: That was all I wanted to know before tomorrow’s pilot training session. I… feel a little calmer now.


S: Wait a second. I didn’t answer your question.


M: I know. ^^ Speaking of which, I haven’t made my greeting to you yet, have I?


S: Greeting?


M: We’ll be fighting together from now on, so yoroshiku onegaishimasu.*


S: Y-you haven’t even done the aptitude evaluation training yet! We don’t know how it’s going to turn out yet!


M: Please tell Kazuki-kun that I’m sorry.


S: What on earth~? [indignant ^^] Tell him yourself!


M: Please tell him. Well, good night. [she hangs up]



Scene 9


[Kazuki’s phone rings]


Kazuki: This is Makabe.


Soushi: It’s me. Toomi just contacted me. She told me to tell you that… she’s sorry she said all that to you in her phone call.


K: Uh… ah, right. I’ve got it.


S: Geez… why am I delivering messages?!


K: I’m sorry!


S: [exasperated] You don’t have to apologize, Kazuki. Well, what did Toomi say when she called you?


K: She said… she’s able to fight because we’re here. She said that was the most important thing to her.


S: …“Because we’re here?”


K: Toomi called you too, didn’t she? What did she say to you?


S: “I absolutely will not die. That’s what it means to fight like Shouko,” she said.


K: [relieved] I see. I guess I really had her wrong.


S: Kazuki, I have some bad news, though. It’s been decided that some major limitations will be put on Mark Sein’s functions. As it is now, it’s overly powerful and there’s a real danger of it swallowing up the other machines in battle.


K: Then, what if I fought alone?


S: No matter how many simulations I ran, it’s impossible for you to cover the entire island on your own. I’m sorry but I… can’t do as you asked me.


K: …I thought that if I piloted Mark Sein, I’d be able to put an end to all of this… Hey, Soushi? In the end, are we all just components of the war to you?


S: [after a pause, in which S is probably thinking back to what Tsubaki said about getting out of Kazuki’s and Maya’s way] Yes. I can’t say anymore than that to anyone. Not even to you.


K: From you, Soushi… that’s fine. It’s fine. [sounds like he’s trying to make himself embrace it?]


S: What?


K: I’ll stop trying to have more than that from you. I don’t think you’re being cruel or anything. Just… constrained by limits, like I am, too. But forget what I said. I’m sorry.


S: I-it’s fine…


K: [brightening his tone] So, why are you able to fight, Soushi?


S: If I was alone… I wouldn’t be able to fight. I was able to fight for the first time because of the pilots.


K: [affectionately] I guess we’re all the same, in the end. …I somehow came to be on this island, and somehow, you were there, by my side.** 


S: Kazuki…


K: Thank you, Soushi. …Could you tell Toomi “thank you” for me, too?


S: What? Why do I have to—?


K: [innocently] All the pilots are connected through you, right?


S: That’s in battle! Do you think I have the time to look after you all on a routine basis?!


K: I won’t ask for things like this anymore. This will be my last childish request, so… please. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow!


S: Wait!! Tell her yourself! Geez, everyone’s making me— Hey! Kazuki! Kazuki!!


[Soushi’s comically frantic shouts fade out, and we get one last inside word from our main characters…]


Maya: For me, there’s you.


Kazuki: For me, there’s him.***


Soushi: For me, there’s them.


Tsubaki: Because everyone is here, I am here, too. That is one answer to what it means to “be here.”


Maya: All of us, now… we’re here.



Cy’s Notes: …Dang, wasn’t that a gorgeous ending? ;__;


* “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” is an important phrase in Japanese that really doesn’t have an equivalent in English. You say it when you join a group of some kind (a class, office, club, etc), and it’s basically something respectful you say to the ppl already in the club to make your working relationship smooth (it’s literally something like, “please treat me well”). Sort of like entrusting yourself to your senpai-tachi. 


**This is probably the most important line in the entire dialogue (and no, not just to SouKazu fans!). I shed tears over trying to translate this just right (or maybe it was just the unbelievable tenderness in Kazuki’s voice as he says this line that moved me…). It has that “miracle of a chance meeting” sort of feeling… like that line in “Days,” the fourth Hikaru no Go ending, that goes “I’m so happy for the miracle of being alive at the same time you are”—the incredible chance/luck of being born at the same time and place as this ONE person out of the trillions of people in the world who is so precious to you… it’s that sort of feeling, I think. ^__~


I think the way I did the first half, “I somehow came to be on this island,” captures the tone just right, but the second half… ohh, there’s just no way to make that “you were THERE” resonate in English the way it does in Japanese, especially because we have to include the (very beautiful) “by my side” part as well… but it sounded too abrupt in English it to translate it “by my side, you were there” (that’s also not good English either). So I have it translated as:


“…I somehow came to be on this island, and you were there, beside me.”


This is pretty close in tone, but you don’t get that “you were there~~” reverberation at the end… so here are a few alternate (though less pretty) possible ways to translate this line:


“…I somehow came to be on this island, and somehow, you came to be there beside me.”


“…I somehow came to be on this island, and you were there beside me.”


I figure people might want to use this line in fanfics, so there, three different ways you could say it. Pick whichever you prefer. ^__~


***Literally, Kazuki says, “For me, there’s that person,” but that sounds a bit silly at this point in the dialogue. From Kazuki and Soushi’s last conversation, I think we can safely infer that Kazuki is talking about Soushi, ne? ^__^


Please leave a comment~ ^^;







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